The music

“Music is what feelings sound like” -Georgia Cates

Chiron Healing Playlist

Are you in a season of loss or a painful transition in life? The 35 songs on this playlist will:

  1. guide you through the stages of grief.
  2. help you release stagnant energy.
  3. transform your pain into power as you become the most courageously authentic version of yourself yet!

Take your healing journey one step at a time. One day at a time. One song at a time. And feel the healing unfold! Click here to access the 35 songs to help you move through grief!

Community Playlists for the Let Love Rise Launch Party!

Full Aquarius Moon (August 1st 2023)

Dance of the Divine (August 11th 2023)

Music has the ability to connect with our souls in a way that nothing else on earth can; it’s the soundtrack of our lives. And as I do my best to share my story with you here on this blog, I will add on songs post by post. In addition, you can find playlists on my Spotify Page (Andrea Blythe). I hope you enjoy where the music guides you and rock on!

Playlist of songs from posts on Let Love Rise

  1. Looking for Space, by John Denver From Blog Post “Looking For Space, My Story; Introduction”
  2. Sweet Baby James, by James Taylor From Blog Post “Belly Rubs and Carrots, Daily Dose”
  3. Awake my Soul, by Mumford and Sons From Blog Post “Launching Hope, Daily Dose”
  4. Stressed Out, by 21 Pilots From Blog Post “The Rock of Power, Daly Dose”
  5. Follow the Sun, by Xavier Rudd from Blog Post “Follow the Sun: My story, part 1”
  6. Look for the Good, by Jason Mraz From Blog Post “Look for the Good: My story, part 2”
  7. The Rainbow Connection, by Kermit From Blog Post “The Rainbow Connection, Daily Dose”
  8. Open Your Heart, by Madonna from Blog Post “Foxy and Roxy go to La Quinta, Daily Dose”
  9. Sweet Child o Mine, by Guns N’ Roses from Blog Post “Sweet Child o Mine, Daily Dose”
  10. Limbo no More, by Alanis Morissette from Blog Post “Limbo No More: My story, chapter 3”
  11. Use Somebody, by Kings of Leon from Blog Post “The Art of Nothingness”
  12. I am Light by India Arie from Blog Post “Gifts of Hope, Daily Dose”
  13. Her by Alanis Morissette from Blog Post “Parvati’s Lighthouse: My story, chapter 4”
  14. I Want to Live by John Denver from Blog Post “The Toltec Scar”
  15. Who you Are by Jessie J from Blog Post “Free Bird”
  16. Free Bird by Lynryd Skynyrd from Blog Post “Free Bird”
  17. Three Little Birds by Bob Marley from Blog Post “Three Little Birds”
  18. I can still Feel You, by Michael Franti from Blog post “An Angel Named Calvin”
  19. Smiling by Alanis Morissette from Blog post “Such Pretty Forks in the Road”
  20. February Seven by the Avett Brother from Blog post “New Beginnings”
  21. Wind Beneath my Wings by Bette Midler from Blog Post “Wind Beneath my Wings”
  22. Life is Wonderful by Jason Mraz from Blog Post “Introducing Jasper Mraz”
  23. Everytime I Hear that Song by Brandi Carlile from Blog Post “Forgiveness”
  24. To Be Loved by Adele from Blog Post “Back into the Void”
  25. Who you Are by Jesse J from Blog Post “Garage Doors and Grace”
  26. Christmas Wrapping from Blog Post “Advice for the Winter Blues”
  27. The Worry List by Blue October from Blog Post “The Worry List”
  28. Hold on by Adele from Blog Post “Courageously Holding On”
  29. Shine by Jason Mraz from Blog Post New Year, New Moon
  30. Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston from Blog Post “Soul Care Sundays”
  31. Fifteen by Taylor Swift from Blog Post “Fifteen”
  32. Need you Now by Plumb from Blog Post “Uninvited”
  33. I got you by Michael Franti from Blog Post “A New Vision”
  34. Stronger by Kelly Clarkson from Blog Post “Hello Covid, come on in”
  35. Brand New Me by Alicia Keys from Blog Post “The Lighthouse of Love”
  36. Breathe (2AM) by Anna Nalick from Blog Post “Rest”
  37. Hands by Jewel from Blog Post “Listen (the octopus and the mermaid)”
  38. Shaking the Tree by Peter Gabriel from Blog Post “Small Shifts”
  39. We Are Here by Alicia Keys from Blog Post “The Luxury of Time”
  40. Wise Woman by Jason Mraz from blog Post “Sisterhood of the Moon”
  41. Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood from blog post “Serendipity and Pudding Cups”
  42. A Reminder by Trevor Hall from blog post “The Moon Shell”
  43. A Million Reasons by Lady Gaga from blog post “Fearlessly Authentic”
  44. Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield from blog post “Into the Unknown
  45. Rise by Jason Mraz from blog post “Summer Challenge
  46. Thank you by Dido from blog post “Husbandless Father’s Day
  47. Wide Open Spaces by the Chicks from blog post “Permission Granted
  48. Free to be You and Me by the New Seekers from blog post “Free to Be You and Me
  49. Butterfly by Xavier Rudd from blog post Butterflies and Bumblebees
  50. La derniere dance by Indila from blog post Nectar of Life
  51. For Her by the Chicks from blog post Musical Healing (an Ode to the Chicks)
  52. I Believe by Christina Perri from blog post What Divorce Taught Me So Far
  53. In Dreams by Jai Jagdeesh from blog post How to Let Go (3 powerful practices)
  54. Shine by Fia from blog post New Moon to New Year Rituals
  55. I am by Fia from blog post The New Sisterhood
  56. Shedding Skins by Fia from blog post From the Ashes
  57. The Art of Letting Go by Fia from blog post Vision: Putting Yourself in the Picture
  58. Leave it all Behind by Fia from blog post Follow Your Bliss: How to take a leap of faith
  59. Things are Changing by Gone Gone Beyond from blog post Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  60. All I really Want by Alanis Morissette from blog post What Coffee Taught me About Love
  61. Suddenly Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors from blog post Catharsis
  62. The Garden Song by John Denver from blog post Tending Your Garden
  63. Good Goes the Bye by Kelly Clarkson from blog post Three Things the Universe Wants you To Know about Saturn Retrograde
  64. Belle from Notre Dame de Paris musical from blog post Advice from Notre Dame
  65. To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before by Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias from blog post Stepping Stones to Love

Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash