Let Love Rise Events

Magi VIP Night ❤️‍♣️♦️♠️

  • Wednesday, May 1st from 6-10pm
  • Private chef, Magi Class & Personalized readings
  • Boise, Idaho
  • $99 for Spirit of the Phoenix Members
  • $147 for guests
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Taurus New Moon Guided Visualization & Intention Setting Circle

If you want to:

💫 wake up each day feeling energized, alive and aligned with your divine power and purpose….

💫 let go of old stories, limiting beliefs and patterns that hold you back from living your most joyful, authentic life…

💫 love yourself and give yourself permission to put yourself and your soul needs at the top of your priority list…

💫 spend your time incorporating activities and experiences that light you up with authentic joy…

💫 make meaningful connections with a community of open-hearted spiritual warriors…

Then let’s work together! Schedule a call with me! ☎️

The Four Agreements Soul Growth Book Circle

  • Agreement ONE: Be Impeccable with your word
  • Agreement TWO: Don’t take anything personally
  • Agreement THREE: Don’t make assumptions
  • Agreement FOUR: Always do your best

The Artist’s Way Soul Growth Book Circle: Coming back this JUNE!!!

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