Moon Stories

Below are the most current astrological storytelling videos from the Let Love Rise YouTube channel!

New Moon in Pisces: 3-10-24
Full Moon in Virgo: 2-24-24
New Moon in Aquarius
Astrological storytelling: Express Yourself
Astrological storytelling: A New Vision
Astrological Storytelling: The Sanctuary within
Astrological Storytelling: Hindsight, the year in review
New Moon in Scorpio: powerful new beginnings!
The Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: the end of a story/ cycle
The Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse in Libra
August 1st, 2023
July 17, 2023
July 3, 2023
New Moon in Gemini: murky waters 6-17-23
Full Moon in Sagittarius/ Serendipity, June 3-4, 2023
New Moon in Taurus: May 19 2023
Full Moon in Libra, April 5-6 2023
New Moon in Aries, March 2023
Intro to From the Ashes series


Leo-Aquarius Moon Cirlce VLOGS (July-August 2022): Coming Home

Cancer-Capricorn Moon Circle VLOGS (June-July 2022): Express Yourself

Gemini-Sagittarius Moon Circle VLOGS (May-June 2022): Into the Unknown

Taurus-Scorpio Moon Circle VLOGS (April-May 2022): The Goddess Series

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