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What I learned from the Ace of Diamonds

Okay, I can hear you asking “How on Earth can someone learn anything from a playing card?! Have you completely lost your mind?” And I get it. It seems quite odd. That is, until you’ve heard about the Magi and their ancient book of prophetic wisdom that’s hidden in plain view and fits in the palm of your hands.

And when you understand how the system of the cards works & how the cards can reveal ways in which your soul is searching for healing and evolution, you may just discover that the joy comes from the journey, and the cards are your guides.

Here’s the journey through my 50th year of life, with the Ace of Diamonds as my guide.

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The Magi

But first, let’s do a quick history lesson. The Magi were a brotherhood of astrologers, mystics, and priests of the temples of Egypt, who kept secret the ancient knowledge and prophetic wisdom found within the sacred book of playing cards (International Association of Cardology). For millenia the knowledge wrapped inside a deck of cards has been kept secret, awaiting the Time of Understanding to arrive.

That time is now.

I came across the cards back in 2020, at the onset of my divorce and you can read or listen to that story called Coincidence, Karma and the Cards if you’d like more backstory. Fast forward to the past 10 months where I’ve been in a Magi Card Science Certification Program led by Robert Lee Camp (read his backstory here), who has undoubtebly had the most profound modern day impact on the understanding, distribution and accessibility of the knowledge of this ancient system of cards. He has published several books (including the one that got me started on my path, The Cards of Your Destiny), hosts a weekly podcast called The Mr. Destiny Radio Show and has created card reading software that has made access to this incredible card system easily digestible.

I told you I’d keep the history lesson brief. You’re welcome. So now, let’s dive into understanding how anyone can learn anything from a deck of cards!

from Temple Lectures of the Order of the Magi by Olney H. Richmond, 1892.

How the cards work

In the science of the cards, every card in the deck has a basic meaning based on its number and suit. For example, Aces represent new beginnings and Diamonds represent our finances and values. So an Ace of Diamonds represents new ways of making money, a new business venture, or a new core value. That’s pretty straight forward.

Everyone (except ‘the Jokers’ born on December 31st) is born with a specific birth card, and a planetary ruling card. So in addition to the basic meaning of the card, the card can also represent anyone with that birth or ruling card.

Where the cards really open themselves up to interpretation is how and where they fall in your life spread (we have these cards for life and they are very significant) or your yearly spread (these change annually on our solar return/ birthday).

Both the life spreads & yearly spreads are divided into periods that are ruled by the planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune (we can talk about Pluto later). Like in Astrology, each planet has a certain characteristic or trait that influences that period in our life or our year.

Are you with me?? Let’s makse sense of this with an example.

For me, the Ace of Diamonds is my lifetime Saturn card, which is considered one of the most challenging planetary positions since Saturn represents the teacher of lessons, the enforcer of boundaries, the so-called “father figure”. And let’s be real…we were all teenagers once and thinking back, most of us probably weren’t always receptive to learning the lessons of our parents, so it can feel harsh like that.

In addition to being my lifetime Saturn card, the Ace of Diamonds also appeared as one of my 5 headline cards in my yearly spread last year (as “the result card”) which meant that it was a year for me to pay extra special attention to the lesson I needed to learn.

In short, by the end of my 50th year, if I intentionally set forth to learn the lesson of my cards, The Ace of Diamonds would be my result (hence the yearly spread name “the result card”). That could mean I could discover a new way of making money, start a new business venture, develop a new core value…. or it could mean that I could end up with an Ace of Diamonds person at the end of my year.

Ready to see how it all played out?

The Law of Attraction

What we think about, we bring about. That’s my summary of the Law of Attraction. As soon as I saw the significant role that the Ace of Diamonds would be playing in my upcoming year (because it was both my lifetime Saturn card AND my annual result card), my mind started to question “what could this mean??” I was obsessed with the lesson that the Ace of Diamonds was offering me and here’s how it played out…

At the onset of my 50th year I had recently broken up with someone who happened to be an Ace of Diamonds person. At the time, my knowledge of the cards was fairly basic. I didn’t understand the significance of a Saturn card and how that influence could affect a relationship. True to form, he was very critical of me. I know that he didn’t act that way because he was a bad or mean person, but rather because he wanted the best for me and let’s just say, there was room for improvement in my life. It wasn’t an easy realtionship, but I did learn a lot from him.

Could the Ace of Diamonds Result card mean we were going to get back together?

A few months into my 50th year, I began my certification training with Robert Lee Camp. And guess what? He happens to be an Ace of Diamonds person too (as his planetary ruling card). I quickly learned a lot about the highs and lows of this card through his stories.

Inside the Magi certification program we are each assigned to a mentor teacher. My lovely mentor (Kristina Kashyap) was also an Ace of Diamonds person (for realz?? yup). With her & Robert, our relationship was designed as more of a teacher-student role, so the Saturn influence never felt harsh like it did in my personal relationship.

Could the Ace of Diamonds Result card mean that I would start a new business venture using the Magi cards?

During Autumn of my 50th year, I was dedicated to building my new business with Let Love Rise, which included leading monthly Moon Circles. There was one person who came to nearly every single event that I created. My Mama. And can you guess what her card is? Yup, she too is an Ace of Diamonds.

I have always felt her influence as more of a cheerleader than that of a critic, but when I need help cleaning my yard or scrubbing my fridge or editing of anything that I publish, she’s the one I turn to because I know that she’s capable of seeing everything that could use improvement and she goes after it with gusto. And I love her for it.

Could the Ace of Diamonds Result card mean that my Mom would play a greater role in my life this year?

In the Winter of my 50th year, I decided that I was ready to start dating again. I needed some work-life balance and so I decided it was time to get myself on a dating app. The very first person who I sparked up a conversation with just so happened to be…you guessed it…an Ace of Diamonds! Oh no, I thought, I can’t date another Ace of Diamonds!!

I did what any Magi student would do–I hopped on a live Mr. Destiny Podcast call with Robert Lee Camp and straight up asked for his professional dating advice based on my cards. While he admitted that he pesonally wouldn’t jump back into a Saturn fire (he had experiences of his own with a Saturn relationship which didn’t turn out so well), he did admit that he was intruiged to see how it would all play out for me.

Could the Ace of Diamonds Result card mean that I’d end my year with this new guy?

One last Ace of Diamonds came into my life during my 50th year. This guy I had known my entire life, but I had never looked up his birth card before. I’m talking aobut my cousin Matt, who came to visit me for a surprise celebration for my Mama’s 80th birthday. The truly unexpected and tragic part of his visit was that the very next day, we received news that his niece passed away at age 27. That will be a moment forever seared into my mind.

I can’t imagine why the events unfolded the way they did. All I know is that I was grateful that he was surrounded by family (me and my brother) on the morning of the fateful news, rather than back home, alone. I created that party for my Mom and in a way felt like I attracted us to be together that morning. There will always be things that I can’t explain with my rational mind, nor with astrology, nor with the Magi cards.

So at the end of my 50th year, what was the Ace of Diamonds Result card really all about?

The Result (card)

The one thing that every Ace of Diamonds person has in common is that they all have a karmic tie to the Ace of Hearts, the card of self love. Learning to love themselves fully and completely is an especially powerful part of their soul’s journey in this lifetime.

I spent my entire 50th year of life contemplating what the Ace of Diamonds could mean for me. I questioned my personal relationships with men and mothers and mentors. I questioned my finances and new ways of generating an income with Let Love Rise. I questioned what mattered most to me, both personally and professionally.

I sought answers from all the Ace of Diamonds people in my life. I was looking for someone to love me and validate me. But at the end of it all, they were just a giant reflective mirror to me. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, the answer was within me all along.

The Ace of Diamonds taught me that I don’t need someone else to love or validate me so long as I learn to love and validate myself first. I am more in love with the person I’m becoming than I have ever been. And I am more confident in the value that I offer to those who partake in the events & programs that I offer through Let Love Rise as a result of this year’s journey through the lens of the Ace of Diamonds.

But Universe, let’s be clear… need and desire are two totally different things and I am open to receiving all that I desire and all that I deserve! 😉

Thank you Ace of Diamonds, for helping me discover that the greatest love of all was inside of me all along. You know I just have to finish with a little Whitney…

Post Script:

No, I did not get back together with that first Ace of Diamonds, but we are navigating a friendship…and guess what? Now that I understand his role as a teacher in my life, I haven’t taken his suggestions quite so personally and we’re much more capatable as friends.

Yes, I am starting a new business venture with the Magi Card Science: I am now a certified reader of the cards and am leading my own classes (next Intro to the Magi is on May 15th @ 1 pm MST via Zoom) PLUS I’m thrilled to announce that I have been invited to be a mentor, like Kristina, in next year’s Magi Card Science Certification program!!

Yes, my Mom has played a major role in my life this year as an enthusiastic participant in my programs and events, and has had ample opportunity to edit my writing. I have had a front row seat to witness her soul growth–if she can begin her healing journey at age 80, it’s proof that we’re never too old to get started on our self love and self worth journey.

And yes, despite all my logic & RLC’s council, I have been dating an Ace of Diamonds guy. What’s interesting, however, is that I have never felt criticism from him. Instead, lately I have felt a reversal of energies where I feel like I am being critical of him. Somehow, even though he is so kind and loving towards me, I still feel the Saturn energy. There’s so much mystery in life and this system of the cards: can there be such a thing as an energy reversal after a certain age? Or when we’re 100% committed to owning our healing journey? To be determined.

As for my cousin and the tragic death of his niece, I don’t have answers for why that happened. But I can see that both he and my other cousin (the mom) had ending cards (9 of spades and 9 of hearts respectively) as one of their major influences during the year of her death.

It doesn’t take away the pain. But the pain does remind us that life is not guaranteed to be ours from one moment to the next. And if we can live our life with more love and compassion for ourselves first and then for others, we can certainly make the world a better place.

Thank you for reading/ listening to what I learned from the Ace of Diamonds. If you’d like to schedule a reading or learn more about the Magi and the Science of the Cards, visit the MAGI tab of www.letloverise.com. I’d love to share this powerful book of prophetic wisdom with you!


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