From the Ashes

Vision: Putting yourself in the picture

Hello, dear friend, and welcome to week one of From the Ashes: The Art of Starting Over (How to Co-Create the Reality of Your Dreams). This has been a passion project incubating in the cocoon of my mind for well over a year. In fact, one year ago I published a post called 222 which I re-read this morning as I awoke to some great news from my realtor asking me about the significance of the number 2. Well, I’ve meditated quite significantly on that number in the past year, and it is of no surprise to me that this auspicious date is blessing me with so much love and abundance today. But as usual, I get ahead of myself. Let’s start with you and your vision of the dream life you’d like to co-create.

Step one: Putting yourself in the picture

Did you find a picture of yourself doing something that lights you up? Did you print it out and place it somewhere where you can see it daily? If not, that’s okay. This is a gentle reminder that this simple exercise will be a game-changer in the co-creation of your dream reality. You see, when we see ourselves concretely doing something that we love, we get inspired. We see the joy in our face and our soul knows that that’s where the magic of life resides. That’s the vision. So how do we access more of that?

Step two: The Art of Visualization: 7 guidelines

On tonight’s Live Master Class on Instagram (7PM Mountain Standard Time) we will talk about the importance of quality visualization. Here are the 7 guidlines that I’ll discuss: fill in the blanks as we go along!

  1. One time a ____________________ is all that’s necessary.
  2. No longer than ___________________ minutes at a time.
  3. Imagine every __________________ ________________.
  4. Feel the_______________________.
  5. Put yourself________________________.
  6. Dwell from the end result,_________________________.
  7. ___________________ ______________________!!!!

Love and gratitude to my mindset mentor, Mike Dooley, for these visualization guidelines.

Step three: The Art of Letting Go: a song by Fia

Sometime (or many times) over the next week, meditate on the lyrics from Fia’s Song “The Art of Letting Go” and think about the Seven guidelines above. Have you been pursuing “manifestation” incorrectly? Attaching too much on the details of “how” and not giving space to the almighty Universe to do it’s thaang? (Don’t worry, most of us have!) Let this song remind your that all you have to do is visualize your dream and let go of your attachment to the outcome (and take action steps….but more on that in upcoming classes).

Put on some headphones, take a deep breath and allow Fia’s voice to wash over you, to permeate your being, filling it with light.

The Art of Letting Go by Fia (Made of Stars)

The more I struggle and fight
Trying to get it all right
I push away the very thing I want
Thinking it’s all up to me
Deciding how it will be
Forgetting that I am guided by the One

So I forgive mySelf over again
Cause I am doing the best I can
And there are no mistakes
I learn every day
And the Universe is showing me the way

Step four: Write a 4-part letter

From the perspective of some point in the future, write a letter to an old acquaintance or family member telling them of your recent successes, as if you had already achieved the things and accomplishments you now dream of achieving. This is not meant to be mailed, yet… This is intended to be FUN! When was the last time you played make-believe? Believing is the way to receiving, so channel your inner child, get a pretty sparkly pen (if you’re like me) and your favorite stationary and write your letter about your wildly awesome life!

  • PART 1 – A paragraph to reacquaint
  • PART 2 – A paragraph or more on dream that has just come true
  • PART 3 – Explain why “this time” achieving your dream was so easy.
  • PART 4 – Share what you’ll be doing next with your amazing life.

Dear Jayme (The Excellent)

Hey my dear old friend, how the heck are you? How’s life in Hawaii? How’s your family and your organic pineapple farm? Have you launched your latest line of products to the mainland yet? I can’t wait to support you and your pineapple dream! As for me, life has been so crazy cool lately and I’ve been wanting to fill you in on all that’s been going on in my world so I’m finally carving out some time to catch you up on all the good stuff!

I just came back from my very first 5-day spiritual mindset reatreat called “Spirit of the Phoenix” in the Grand Tetons with a group of 10 incredible women who are all dedicated to living a fearlessly authentic life! We uncovered our inner divine being through yoga, hikes, journaling, music and meditation. It was incredible to see their transformation and everytime I lead a retreat I learn a little bit more about myself too! I really hope that you can join me on my next retreat in Costa Rica next Spring! It’s going to be amazing and it would be even better if you could be there!

It really amazes me how easily this retreat fell into place. I’ve spent about 5 minutes a day dedicated to visualizing my dream and wouldn’t you know it? The Universe aligned me with the right connections at the right time to make everything fall into place so easily. And the best part, I’m sooooo happy! After so many years of struggling through my divorce and the change in our family dynamic, I have found joy in the journey and getting to share that joy with others is the cherry on top of my vanilla-chocolate swirled ice cream sundae with extra whipped cream!

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m currently preparing for the Costa Rica retreat in the spring. I’m so excited to travel to a new destination! And I almost forgot to mention that my river house is almost ready for me to move in! It’s just so perfect…eventually it’ll become the home base for my Strong Spirit Retreat Center, but for now I’ll enjoy it as a family vacation home and a place where I can get away to continue writing my books and connect with nature.

Give my love to your family for me! I’ll be out to visit you shortly…get your famous upside-down pineapple cake ready for me! 🙂

With love and light,
(The Great)

More love and gratitude to my mindset mentor, Mike Dooley, for this take-home exercise.

A note from the Universe:

When in doubt, show up early.

Think less. Feel more. Ask once. Give thanks often. Expect the best. Appreciate everything. Never give up. Make it fun. Lead. Invent. Regroup. Wink. Chill. Smile. And live as if your success was
inevitable, and it shall be.

Happy global domination! The Universe

Thank you for participating in From the Ashes! If you’re feeling extra bold this morning, share your 4-part letter below! I’d love to hear what you have dreaming up and cannot wait to celebrate its arrival!

Until next time, dream big, follow your bliss and be fearlessly authentic!


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