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Unbirthday gifts

Do you know what’s better than a birthday gift in the mail? And UN-birthday gift. That’s right. A gift for no reason at all. Just because someone saw something that made them think of you and they thought you should not have to wait until your day of birth or Christmas or Valentine’s Day or the Summer Equinox to receive it.

I was the lucky recipient of such a gift this last week from my dear friend Misty. Being that we live over 600 miles apart, we have come to rely on snail mail to send little surprises to one another over the years: photo books, cards, pictures of llamas, you know, the usual stuff. This particular gift happened to land in my mailbox on the day that I sat down to create this blog that’s dedicated to telling my story through music.

Life is one sweet, grand song. So start the music!

Unbirthday Gift Placard from Misty

Not only did this unbirthday gift bring a smile and a song to my heart, but it confirmed my dedication to create this blog. And that’s the beauty of unbirthday gifts– they bring a little unexpected joy into the heart of the receiver and the ripple effect of kindness pays it forward. So thank you, Misty Mamma for today’s daily dose of joy. You are a gift to me.

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