Volume Two,  Lessons from the Road

The Scorpion and the Bull

This story begins in November of 2021. Two years ago. It was the first in a 7-part series of Scorpio-Taurus eclipses, and being a strong Taurus person myself (my Sun, Moon and Venus are all in the sign of Taurus), it’s only logical that the Scorpion and the Bull have been teaching me a lot over these past two years; they have lead me through the dark night of the soul to this final eclipse where my new journey now begins. But first, let’s time travel, shall we?

November 19, 2021: The first of the eclipses in the Scorpio-Taurus axis

Like all great stories, this one begins with love. And also trajedy. I know now that not all love stories are destined for forever. That November (2021) I had just experienced my first year as a single woman since the finalization of my 20-year marriage the year prior. I had just broken up with my boyfriend who helped me through a VERY tough year in my life. My oldest son was living in a therapeutic boarding over 9 hours away. I had just moved into a new home. And, as if that weren’t enough heartache and change, a little puppy who was left in a dumpster in San Diego, California was about to make his way to my home, and into my heart. Meet Jasper Mraz. Jasper has been teaching me a lot during these past two years. First and foremost, joy and unconditional love. He is my sidekick and partner in life and I am so very grateful that the Universe brought him to me to keep me company as I moved forward along my healing path.

April 30, 2022: The 2nd Eclipse, a Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Fast forward nearly six months and a new dream was starting to form in my heart. It was a dream to build a community of open-minded spiritual seekers, who wanted to tap into the energies of the Universe to free themselves from stories that no longer served. I had been single (again) for nearly six months and I was learning how to love myself, truly love myself, perhaps for the first time. Solitude was hard for an extrovert like myslef, so I decided that I would start leading moon circles and I created the Sisterhood of the Moon. The moon shell that I happened to find in my backyard (keep in mind, I live in land-locked Boise Idaho!) was my confirmation from the Universe that I was on track. The first gathering of the Sisterhood of the Moon was mid-April and the second landed the day after my son had graduated from therapeutic boarding school, the night of the Taurus eclipse. The Sisterhood took a trip to Las Vegas for “one night only” to see the courageously authentic Lady Gaga. I felt a slight shift in the positive direction with the creation of the Sisterhood of the Moon and the transition of Ozzie back home.

May 16, 2022: Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Two weeks later, there was the third of the eclipses in the Scorpio-Taurus axis and I think I seriously went a little loca. I walked into a car dealership that day and, on a whim, I traded in my Acadia (a car that reminded me of my previous chapter), and bought Luna, who I vowed would be the beginning of a new journey for ME. I also decided that I would start a Let Love Rise YouTube Channel and filmed my first vlog, whilst simultaneously feeling all the feels of rebuilding a life out of the ashes. I look back at this time and see a woman grasping for knowing herself and the higher meaning in her story, as she continued to write, dance, cry, and gaze at the moon. Ozzie was home, the school year was ending, and I was falling in love with my little puppy while searching deep within myself for my inner spark, which had been extinguished over the course of the previous traumatic years. I was in the chrysallis of my dark night for sure.

October 25, 2022: Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

The summer lead to my first solo road trip and yoga retreat to Montana. Butterflies and bumblebees lead the way as I used that summer to put myself back into the dating world and intentionally seek out activities that brough me joy. It was like a tango with my life: one step forward into joy, three steps backwards into the pain. Music, Jasper Mraz, and the Sisterhood of the Moon continued to be my healing companions as we moved from the summer into the fall. The leaves gradually began to loosen their grip on the tree, just as I began to loosen my grip on the things I could not control (which, it turns out, is basically everything except for the regulation of my own emotional response to the people, places and events of my Life Circumstances). I was learning. And healing. One day at a time. One song at a time. One courageous step at at time.

November 8, 2022: Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

I once again hit the road on a solo journey in November of 2022. The destination was another hot springs, although this time it was much, much colder, and I was working so hard to let go of all the stories that no longer served me. Along with music, books were an integral part of my journey. When I arrived at Trinity Hot Springs, I found the lending library and the book You are a Badass: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life, by Jen Sincero, nearly jumped off the shelf and into my hands. Over the next three days, I devoured the book, cover to cover. I felt like a badass. I had been on my own two feet, upright and seeking joy for a solid year now and felt that the Rise from the ashes was truly starting to take shape.

May 5, 2023: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

The following May I turned 50, and three days later there was the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio (number 6 in the series, in case you’re counting). After a wild weekend of playful fun with my besties in the wine country of Walla Walla, Washington, my old “friend” Covid came back for a second visit. I knew I was gifted this illness that would once again pull me out of the social world into the isolating confines of my home because I needed a cathartic time of healing, both physically and spiritually. The turn of the solar calendar marked a new beginning for me, as every birthday offers all of us. I felt alive for the first time in years, and at 50, I was preparing to take my first really big solo leap of faith: to leave my profession in quest of following my passion. Which brings us pretty much full circle to the eclipse that’s happening tomorrow night.

October 28, 2023: FINAL Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

The Summer after my 50th birthday and Covid lead to a series of travels and adventures that were so epic that I still have difficulty wrapping my mind around it all. How am I so blessed? How am I living this beautiful life, chasing the moon and following my heart? I don’t pretend to know the answer to these questions. In fact, I’m learning that the more I know, the more I don’t know. But as I prepare to embrace this eclipse weekend (which will mark the third anniversary of my divorce and the final chapter in this transformational journey) I know that the Scorpio and the Bull have lead me courageously through the dark night of the soul. This profoundly healing chapter is ending. In the confines of the cocoon I have built my inner strength, grown in self love, found my voice, and know my worth.

The sufi mystic Rumi says “This is your road and yours alone to take. Others may walk it with you, but nobody can walk it for you.”

I am grateful to the friends, family, authors and musicians who have walked with me through this incredibly difficult journey. I am more fully alive today than I have ever been. And although I have not found my next spiritual partner and my bank account continues to thrive in the wrong direction as I transition careers, I am happier than ever. And I am ready, so ready, for whatever magical adventure is next. This Goddess is RISING! I’ll wrap up this story with a song by Katarina Rain that embodies the spirit of this final Lunar Eclipse of the Scorpio-Taurus axis.

Every ending brings a new beginning. What has your journey of the past two years been like? What stories are coming to a close for you? What new beginnings are you ready to receive? Allow the endings to flow through you like a river and get ready for life that’s even more beautiful than your greatest visions!


Coming soon: The Chiron Healing Playlist and Spirit Flow, Movement through Music at the Boise Salt Sanctuary

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