Soul Care Sunday

Small shifts

Hello my friend. Are you looking forward to spring as much as I am? If so, I have good news for you- today is the Spring Equinox as the sun moves from the final zodiac sign of Pisces into the first sign of Aries. With this shift, we are invited to reflect on our current life situation and ask ourselves if there are any small shifts that we can make in our daily life that will facilitate a gentle transition out of the darkness of the winter (and oh my, has it been a long winter!) into the newness of Spring. Let’s dig a bit deeper, shall we?

The Worm Moon

If ever there was a non-sexy name for a full moon, the full moon in March wins the prize! It’s often referred to as the Worm Moon because this is the time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere when the ground begins to warm back up and the worms return to the soil. That begs the question, where did they go? I have no answer for that. All I know is that I haven’t seen a worm all winter…maybe they go south with the birds? Speaking of birds, they’re coming back too, I’ve heard little chirps here and there while taking Jasper on walks lately and it’s a beautiful, soul-filling sound. The sound of the birds reassures me that we are emerging out of the cold dark days of winter. The days are growing longer in light and the earth is warming up and I am so ready for the change.

On Friday night I hosted a full moon circle in my home with a few wonderful women. Every month, the moon invites us to lay down our burdens before her reflective light and to recharge under her powerful feminine energy. As a part of Friday night’s ceremony, we listened to this week’s featured song “Shaking the Tree” by Peter Gabriel and wrote down anything that we felt was blocking our inner light from shining: limiting thoughts, toxic relationships, negative self talk, hurtful habits, etc. After the song ended, we shared what wrote, then threw the paper into the fire followed by an exuberant proclamation “HO!” (a deep guttural cry that rises from the solar plexus, or third chakra, which, not coincidentally, is the chakra that is associated with the full moon in Virgo this month). Before we can receive anything new in our life, we must first clear away the old. If we are brave enough, we will share that thought with a trusted friend; there is something very powerful that comes from hearing yourself speak aloud that which is no longer serving you. Then release it. Watch it burn in the flames and turn to ashes as the moon carries away that thought into the void as she slowly wanes over the next two weeks. There were tears last night as we faced the reality of things in our life that have held us back. It’s terrifying to look your harmful ways in the eyes and then conscientiously choose to move beyond it in order to invite in something new. Goodbye winter, hello spring.

Co-creating your life

Since my world went caving in two years ago, I’ve become very interested in astrology (have you noticed?). I’ve always been fascinated by the stars and the idea that we’re bouncing around on this tiny sphere spinning in orbit around a star in an ever expanding universe. Since the serving of the divorce papers, I’ve had to look deeply at who I am and who I want to be in the next chapter of my life and the one thing that I keep coming back to is the moon and the sun and the stars and wondering what the meaning of it all is? I don’t have an answer, but I do look to the Universe for guidance these days and that’s exactly what astrology has provided me, just as perhaps religion or being in nature does for you.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, the full Moon is in Virgo this month and the Sun is in Pisces. Virgo represents a very practical and analytical side whereas Pisces is imaginative and dreamlike; there is a contradiction here, and perhaps even an inner turmoil (let’s not even get started on Venus and Mars dancing around the universe holding hands right now!). Ultimately, what it boils down to is that many of us may have felt like we’ve been in a dream-like state during the past month–knowing what’s best for us, but pushing that aside for what’s comfortable instead. Perhaps you’ve been wondering what’s next? Or imagining how life could be different, perhaps more playful or light-hearted? Maybe you’re curious to know if there’s a more meaningful way to live your life? to address your health? or re-examine your family dynamic? or adjust your spiritual, social or work life?

For me, I feel like I’ve been trapped inside a Piscean state of mind ever since the shutdown two years ago at this exact time of year. I’ve been scared to emerge from the safety of the cocoon I built around me as I worked on healing my broken heart and recovering my lost soul. What I know now is that there is a season to dream, and there’s a season to take action. Aries is the time to take action; it’s a time to make small shifts in order to create the life that you have been dreaming for yourself. It can be scary to step out of the dream and into action, which is why so many people stay stuck in the land of imagination, instead of the initiation. The invitation today is not to drastically overhaul your life; instead, to consider making one small shift in how you’re currently living that will help you to be more aligned with your vision for your best life. Perhaps your soul is telling you it’s time to give up sugar for a little while, or get outside for daily walks, or eat more conscientiously, or read or listen to daily affirmations, or start a 5 dollars a day savings program, or join a dance class, or learn how to crochet, or start composting your own soil. One small change today can be life-changing tomorrow.

Coming full (moon) circle.

This is where part two of the Full Moon circle comes in. After you release what is no longer serving you, you carve out some time to think about what you want to invite in to that freed-up space. Last night, after throwing our papers into the fire, we went outside under the light of the moon and listened to One Day by Matisyahu (for the complete Full Moon World Changers playlist on Spotify, click here). While dancing to the music and basking in the divine feminine energy that the Moon emits, we silently lifted up our dreams to her. When the Moon is full, the portal is wide open for turning dreams into a reality, granted of course that we take action (manifestation is not a passive undertaking). Letting the universe hear our hearts desire is one part, then listening to the response back about what our next action step is is another!

I’ve decided that it’s time for me to bring more joy, laughter, play and whimsy into my life. That’s the New Moon intention that I set on March 2nd of this year. As a part of my pursuit of The Artist’s Way, I am taking myself on weekly artist dates. It’s a date with my inner creative self and the only caveat is that this must be a solo excursion. This week the pop up flowers in front of JUMP! in downtown Boise delighted my senses, so that’s where I took myself for an afternoon of frivolity. Their current exhibition is called “Life in Full Bloom” and it was everything that my soul was craving: beauty, inspiration, music, whimsy, joy. And best of all? I discovered that I’m a pretty great date…and it was totally free! Thank you JUMP!

I invite you to try making a small shift in your daily routing over the next two weeks as the moon slowly wanes to begin another moon cycle on April 2nd. Only you know what you need. As we enter a new season (literally and perhaps figuratively), what will help bring your life into full bloom?


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