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Permission granted

When I was a new mother I joined a baby playgroup. We gathered together weekly as our babies (now all high school graduates) learned to sit up, then crawl, then walk, then share toys and on and on. I did life with this incredible group of women; we learned from one another, supported one another, and faced the highs and lows of early motherhood together. Occasionally a mamma would announce that she got a hall pass and would see if anyone else could get one. A hall pass was our playful word for permission to get out of the house without any children for an afternoon or evening of fun. I remember one hall pass afternoon where my friend and I went to see the movie Sideways for a matinee. I think we were the only ones in the theater that Tuesday at 2:15, and we had the time of our lives with tears of laughter streaming down our faces. I don’t know if you’ve seen the wine-inspired movie that ruined Merlot’s reputation, but I’m not entirely sure that it’s as funny as it was to us that afternoon. And that’s because we were cashing in our hall passes and enjoying a few beautiful carefree hours to do with as we pleased. When was the last time you cashed in a hall pass?

Permission Slips

In 2020 I participated in a virtual (**sigh**) retreat with Rob Bell and Elizabeth Gilbert (the original live version was supposed to happen over my birthday weekend in May that year….clearly that didn’t happen, so 5 months later it was held virtually). Anyways, the point being that Elizabeth (we’re on a first name basis 😉 ) lead us in an exercise to write a permission slip for ourselves from the office of the Principal. The letter starts like this: “From the Office of the Principal (insert fancy letterhead here) To whom it may concern, Andrea Blythe (obviously insert your own name here) has my permission to….(do a free write of all the things you’d like permission to do). These permissions are non negotiable and non-transferable. Sincerely, the Office of the Principal”

The letter I wrote at that virtual retreat said this:

“From the Office of the Principal.
To whom it may concern,
Andrea Blythe has my permission to remove her bra and put on sweat pants immediately after she gets home from work. She has my permission to let her hair grow naturally grey. Andrea Blythe has my permission to buy a new pair of pajamas for the winter and a new sports bra for the dance class she loves. Andrea has my permission to not lesson plan this weekend and to simply trust herself at 8am on Monday morning. Andrea Blythe has my permission to take care of herself in whatever way feels most appropriate at any particular moment without judgement from Fear. She has my permission to be lazy. Andrea Blythe has my permission to be goofy and authentically herself. These permissions are non negotiable and non-transferable.
Sincerely, the Office of the Principal”

If you’ve never written yourself a permission slip before, permission granted to do so! And then, of course, permission granted to fulfill it. It’s remarkably freeing.

Dream Big

This week as the New Moon conjuncts the Sun in the nurturing sign of Cancer, the Universe (God, Spirit, the Force, whatever) grants you permission to dream big about the life that you want to live! This is it, folks. There’s no dress rehearsal. How do you want your life to look? to feel? to be? All New Moons carry with them an energy that initiates new things, ideas, concepts, dreams. This New Moon in Cancer (June 28 2022) has a supercharged “go for it!” energy as the Moon (which rules Cancer) is in square to Jupiter in Aries. Bottom line if you don’t follow or understand astrology is this: JUMP IN! Permission granted. That thing that’s swelling in your heart? Yes, that. Be vulnerable enough to admit your desires to yourself then speak them to the loving, responsive Universe (God, Spirit, The Force, whatever). You have permission to visualize a dream for yourself, big or small. Perhaps it’s a dream yoga retreat that you want to partake in or perhaps it’s meeting a life partner that embraces you fully as you are or maybe it’s simply permission to take an uninterrupted bath while eating a bowl of popcorn or permission to flirt with that hot kimono-wearing bartender. Whatever it is, the dream is planted in your heart for you to bring it forth into existence and to nurture and grow it.

What is it that you want? What’s your biggest dream for yourself? No, it’s not too late. Yes, you have the Universe’s permission and encouragement to start now. Take the first baby step and see what blooms. Six months from now there will be a full moon in Cancer- it will shine a light on the vision that you cast for yourself and the seed that you planted today. You will see the Universe (God, Spirit, the Force etc) moving things in place for your, in support of the dream that you’re bold enough to visualize this week. If you’re skeptical about the words that you’re reading right now, I ask you, what’s the harm in giving it a try for yourself?

Here’s a ritual that was inspired by Chani Nicholas, author of You Were Born For This, an Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance, that can help guide you with your intention setting.

  1. Create a calm, quiet space surrounded by any adornments that help center you (crystals, candles, images, plants etc)
  2. Fill a glass of water that you will drink.
  3. Cleanse your body with a mindful bath or shower or simply wash your hands, feet or teeth.
  4. Light your candle and incense, if using.
  5. Engage in a short meditation to center yourself into the moment. If you’re new to meditation, there are many guided meditations on YouTube or through apps such as the Chani app.
  6. Get clear on an intention (or more than one) that you have for this next lunar cycle or year. What seeds are you planting? How do you want to show up for this goal? What are you committed to bringing? The more clear you can be about what your heart desires, the better.
  7. Turn the intention into an affirmation. For example, if your intention is to find your next dream partner, the affirmation could be “I am attracting a pure, healthy, loving partner into my life.” You can make it as simple as “I nurture myself” or “I practice radical self love and compassion.”
  8. Once you have your affirmation, hold your glass and speak your intention to the water three times.
  9. Drink the water knowing that you are absorbing the message.
  10. Sit in quiet gratitude for a few minutes longer, or journal your thoughts, feelings and experiences. And then witness the magic of the Universe unfolding for you!
My latest vision board

On my Let Love Rise Youtube Channel I have a playlist to inspire your summer dreaming this Cancer season called Express Yourself. May the music be a joyful companion to your adventures, wherever they may lead you! For me, I’m going on that yoga retreat that I’ve always dreamed of. And Wide Open Spaces by the Chicks will be blasting out of my car as I make that 8-hour drive to Montana with windows rolled down!

What will you grant yourself permission to do, to create, to dream, to be? If you’re feeling bold today, I invite you to share your dream/ your intention in the comment section below. There is power in making our intentions known to others! Me, I dream of opening a retreat center someday with my partner. It will be a place of healing for the body, mind and spirit, somewhere in the magical splendor of the mountains (perhaps the Sawtooths or the Tetons or maybe even Whistler or Jasper) with a river nearby. It will be a sanctuary of love, laughter, inspiration, and connection. There will be yoga, healthy food, meditation, journaling, live music. I hold that vision closely in my heart and mind and I know that it’s already here; the details will reveal themselves in time. Stay tuned.

The moon has taught me that it’s okay to go through phases. The sun has taught me, no matter how many times you go down, to keep rising!


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