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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m 16 again, which is pretty funny considering that I’m just a few weeks away from celebrating my half-century mark here on planet Earth. Maybe it’s because I’m out dating again, or maybe it’s all the change and transitions in my life as I try to understand my place in my new chapter, or maybe it’s quite simply all the carefree fun I’ve been having lately!

Fueled by Fun

You see, for the past three years I’ve been in the painful process of decontstruction and reconstruction of my life. The beauty that rises from the ashes can be anything that you choose to create in the wake of the rubble. It’s a powerful place to be; a place of deep reverence and knowing. I know that I love the color turquoise. I’m currently wearing a turquoise sweater that I acquired from a clothing swap last weekend as I sit to write this post in my turquoise and yellow colored home that’s filled with colorful Christmas lights adorning the walls (still/ permanently?). I know that the profession that I pursued right out of college is no longer where my heart lies, so I have made the courageous decision to resign at the end of the school year and trust that the Universe will unfold what’s next for me when the time is right. I know that I am seeking a spiritual partner to frolic through life with, and I know that that person has to love and accept me exactly as I am; not try to change or shrink me (nor I them). I know that the fuel behind my leap of faith into this new chapter is happiness. And I know that when I follow the fun I’m in the flow of life and it feels so good.

Trying something new

Just the other day as I was preparing to head out to Treefort, our local 5-day music festival, I decided to do something new for me: I chose to ride my bike to the festival. Now, I’m no cyclist and I have never ridden the 6-mile treck along the river, and yet I thought “why not today?” So I packed a backpack full of necessities, plugged in my Hinsdight 2022 playlist and ventured out. Let me just say, it was MAGICAL. Even though the calendar tells us it’s Spring, Boise hasn’t received the memo. This week has been full of rain and snow and temperatures that max out around 40 (I blame Pluto). But on this lovely afternoon as I rode my bike to the park, the sun came out and danced upon the river as I processed through the music, the healing, the insight, the wisdom gained in the previous year.

The Voice of the Universe

Can we talk about the Universe for a second before wrapping this up? Stay with me, it explains a lot. This is one of the biggest astrological weeks of the year (March 20-26): On Thursday, March 23rd, Pluto (the planet of death and transformation) moved signs from Capricorn to Aquarius which is its first move isince 2008. 2008! What were you donig in 2008? What’s the past 14-year cycle been like for you? And BTW, Pluto hasn’t been in Aquarius since the late 1700’s…hmm, American and French Revolution say what?!? Then today (Saturday, March 25th) Mars (the fire sign that rules Aries where about a million planets are hanging out right now) moves from Gemini to Cancer. Mars has been hanging out retrograde since August of 2022. Is there something that you need to shift from your head space (Gemini) to your heart space (Cancer)?

Both of these transitions come on the heals of this week’s Vernal Equinox and the New Moon in Aries (new beginnings followed by more new beginnings!) Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and it’s the fire sign of initiation. Oh, and let’s not forget that last week Saturn (the ruler, the authoritarian) moved into the dreamy water sign of Pisces. Let’s just say that Saturn had been in Aquarius since January of 2020. Has anything in your life changed since 2020? Yeah, exactly. All of this is to let you know that if you’ve been feeling exhausted lately, or have felt a burning fire to start something new, or are feeling heavy feels right now it’s quite possibly because the Universe is speaking to all of us humans in a very direct, transformational way right now. How will you respond to your heart’s calling?

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

There are so many uncertainties in life and so many questions about what’s next. There is a part of my mind that wants to have everything figured out (Gemini), but everytime I try to manage the details I get frustrated and recognize that I’m out of alignment with myself. Joy is my guide. It’s what lets me know that I’m on track to whatever is next for me. I have this fire burining in my gut to live a life full of passion and so everyday I am chosing to release what’s no longer serving me and follow my bliss, just like my 16-year old inner child.

My actual 16-year old daughter just got back from two weeks in France where she ate croissants and fromage on the daily, along with as many chocolat chauds as she could find, and she entered each day of discovery with “grands yeux ouverts” (wide open eyes). She followed her love of this beautiful language and her desire to travel and made this dream come true. She followed her bliss and today I’ll follow mine.

Frolic today

Today I’ll hop back on my bike and ride along the river back to the Treefort festival. I’ll meet up with good friends and listen to soul-filling music. I’ll laugh. I’ll dance. I’ll smile, even in the cold. I’ll give thanks for all that’s good and right and beautiful in my life. I’ll relish the opportunity to live this one wild and precious life inside the human body called Andrea Blythe. But first, there’s laundry to do and stories from France to hear about.

Whatever comes your way today, remember that YOU are the creator of your life. You have way more power that you can ever imagine. If you want to learn more about how to step into your divine power, join me for a hands-on Astrology and Numerology 101 workshop on Saturday, April 15th. I’m teaming up with Kim Harrison from Life Coach for Dreamers to shed some light on the signs from the Universe. If you aren’t local, be sure to check out the Let Love Rise YouTube channel for videos that encourage you to be your most badass self (Speaking of Badass: soul growth book club is April 2nd: You’re a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero!)

From my Ignite playlist, here’s a beautiful song to welome all the changes that are coming at us right now. Things Are Changing by Gone Gone Beyond. Or you may just want to do a throwback and rock out to some Cyndi Lauper, the OG (Original Goddess) who taught me to celebrate my authenticity and have fun with my life! May we embrace the changes, let them fuel to us to be more courageously authentic! And May you frolic today! Cheers to new beginnings!


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