Volume Two

From the Ashes: how to co-create the life of your dreams

We all have a story. Perhaps you thought your story would go a certain way but Life veered you in a completely different direction which caught you off guard. You were shaken to your core and thrown spinning into a dark abyss that felt scary, lonely and sad. You felt helpless, as if everything was happening to you without your consent and Life was completely out of your control.

But then, in the eye of the storm, you managed to plant your feet firmly in the new ground. You began to notice that what you thought was happening TO you, was actually happening FOR you. This extreme detour was directing your life in a whole new direction and breaking you free from the chains of a life that was no longer serving you. You started to befriend the change and ask questions. Your started to accept that there was more going on beneath the surface and you began to awaken to a vision of a new life.

One day, you looked at the pile of ashes that was known as your Former Life and started to notice that a shimmer of golden light was forming in the core. With every exhale and prayer that you released into the Universe, the light would grow brighter and brighter. Then one day, the most magnificent mytholigical creature emerged from the ashes in a burst of flames, revlealing it’s strength, courage, beauty, power, and joy. You realized that the Phoenix Rising is you. Courageously authentic you. And you become aware that you have access to the Infinite Possibilities of the benevolent Universe at your fingertips, which is waiting to co-create the life of your dreams with you. Do you dare to choose this path?

Shedding Skins by Fia (album Made of Stars)

As for me, I am daring to walk down this new path Into the Unknown. And I invite you to join me on this fearlessly authentic adventure. The Rising From the Ashes has been my story. It has been a long time in the making, but it is finally here and I’m thrilled to announce From the Ashes, my master class on how to co-create the reality of your dreams. This 4-week series is for you if:

  1. The lyrics from Fia’s album Made of Stars whispers to your soul: Want to join me on Life’s adventure?
  2. You want to be an active co-creator of your life.
  3. You want to release your limiting thoughts and beliefs.
  4. You want authentic joy to be the marker of a successful life.
  5. You want to own your power and live the fearlessly authentic life of your dreams!
Week One (Wednesday, February 22): Vision, Putting Yourself in the Picture

We often forget to put ourself in the vision of our ideal life. In our first week together, we will define what we really want and learn the 7 steps to effectively and clearly visualize the life of our dreams.

Week Two (Wednesday, March 1): Fear, Get in the Back Seat

We will address the fears and gremlins that block our vision for ourselves under the guise of “keeping you safe” We will name and release our limiting beliefs.

Week Three (Wednesday, March 8): Enchantment, Follow your Bliss

In week three we will get into the details of our vision (without attaching to them). This is where we get excited about the Infinite Possiblities and we play in our uniquely personal world of Enchantment.

Week Four (Wednesday, March 15): Permission, You and the Magical Universe

Finally, we will create an action plan/ manifesto comprised of baby steps that will spark miracles and let the Universe know that you are serious about having the time of your life by bringing your vision into reality!

Thank you

It would be an honor to share in this adventure called Life together! I love to teach what I have learned along the way. If you would like to join me for From the Ashes, please click on the Eventbrite Link to learn more and to sign up. The live class is limited to 7 participants. A virtual master class will be offered in Spring of 2023 for non-locals.

What is the MAIN thing you’d like to bring, change, or manifest into your life? Please share it in the comments below!


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