Volume Two

Coincidence, Karma & the Cards

Ever since I read The Celestine Prophecy back in the early 1990s, I was introduced to the concept that there is no such thing as coincidence. There is, however, a very real Law of the Universe that will serendipitously bring two people together at a precise moment in time in order to impart a certain exchange of information.

I was 46 years old in March of 2020 and, during the exact same week as the Pandemic Lockdown, I was served divorce papers. Coincidence? All I know is that I had never been so scared, confused, angry, hurt & overwhelmed as I was that Spring.

As families were gathering together in their homes to ride the fearful wave of this rapidly spreading virus, my family was torn in two. I was utterly alone for the first time in my life and felt paralyzed with Fear of the Unknown.

And that’s when a serendipitous encounter with the Magi Cards took place.

The Encounter

A few weeks after being served with divorce papers, a dear friend of mine introduced me to a friend of hers who gave readings using a standard deck of cards. I was desperate for any guidance I could get, so I gave her a call and set up a digital meeting on this new platform called Zoom.

It was April of 2020, a month before my 47th birthday, when I had that first reading and learned that I am a 4 of Spades birth card and a 10 of Diamonds planetary ruling card. I was also apparently “Moon” to my (then) Jack of Diamonds husband (stay with me…this will all make sense)

There was a lot of information that I learned about myself that day, but the piece that stopped me dead in my tracks was when she peeked into my 47th year and saw that I had two prominent cards known as “the divorce cards” (9 of hearts & 5 of hearts).

Of course, being a wise reader of the Order of the Magi, she did not tell me that I was destined to get divorced. Instead, she explained how the cards were indicators of an ending (the 9) and a change (the 5) in love (hearts). She explained how the cards are subjective and the interpretation and integration of the meaning behind the cards lies within the person.

The 9 and 5 of hearts could mean that my husband and I would change the way that we were showing up for each other, and bring an end to the struggle in our marriage. That was one possible interpretation. But when I closed my computer at the end of our call, my gut knew that our marriage wasn’t going to make a recovery.

The Divorce

I did indeed get divorced later that year. In fact, the date of our divorce is rather significant. It was October 30, 2020. Ask yourself, is it coincidence that the cards for October 30th are the 5 and 9 of hearts? Literally, the day which energetically carries “the divorce cards” is the day that my twenty year marriage ended!!

But wait! That’s not all! The date of my wedding anniversary was July 1st which is an Ace of Spades day; The Ace of Spades is a very powerful card of transformation, secrets, death & new beginnings. It also just so happens to be the card that symbolizes the Cards of Destiny and the Order of the Magi!!

It was on a 10 of Diamonds Day (my planetary ruling card) in the summer of 2019, that we had the argument that our marriage would never recover from.

After nearly 20 years of being in a very traditional Christian hierarchical marriage, I had ideas of my own about how to parent our children that were different from those of my (then) husband. I can see now that I was no longer willing to be the reflection of my (then) husband’s leadership, which broke our Sun-Moon soul contract. I didn’t agree with how he wanted to lead our family. Essentially, I could no longer be his Moon, and we both felt that.

It was over. On a 5/9 of hearts day nonetheless.

Looking back, that fateful day makes so much sense in the unfolding of my life’s story and the beginning of my work with the Magi.


Like I said at the onset of this post, I don’t believe in coincidence. I do, however, believe in serendipitous encounters, signs form the Universe & the Law of Karma. Karma, simply being unresolved business from previous lifetimes; it is neither good, nor bad. It just is.

As soon as we are able to understand what our soul is here to learn, the more freedom we experience in this lifetime. And that’s where the Cards have played a pivotal role in my life.

During that initial Magi reading from April of 2020, the reader told me that my ex and I had traveled many lifetimes together. Indeed, it did feel like we were soul connected from the very onset of meeting one another, back when we were young teenagers.

Why, then, was I going through this painful divorce with him? If we had traveled lifetimes together, shouldn’t we have figured it out by now?

This question lingered with me until last summer when I began my Magi Card Science Certification with the Grand Master of the Order of the Magi, Robert Lee Camp. You see, as an 10 of Diamonds person, my life’s challenge cards (the Saturn & Pluto cards) are the 5 & 9 of hearts. It is in my Karma to learn from my lessons in love.

Relationships are reflective mirrors. I was the Moon to his Sun, and that worked for a a good long while. We had many, many happy years together and brought forth three incredible children into this world. For that I will be forever grateful.

But when the time came for me to expand and evolve on my own soul journey, I could no longer be his Moon. And so, he set me FREE, which, I have come to understand, wasn’t the case in previous lifetimes together.

I believe that my divorce led me to the cards, which provided me with essential insight on my healing journey. My healing journey then led me to create this blog which gradually became my new life’s passion. My passion then led me to take a leap of faith in myself and make Let Love Rise my fulltime business in August of 2023 (which “coincidentally” was the same month that I began my Magi Card Science Certification). And now, my business stands upon the 4 pillars of my healing journey: the moon, music, mindset and the Magi.

Stay tuned…

Next week I’ll be sharing more about the history of the Magi and a story about how the Ace of Diamonds taught me self worth. I hope you’ll come back to hear part 2. If you’re local to the Boise area, I invite you to join me for an Introduction to the Magi and the Cards of Destiny class which will be offered at Earthlight Minerals & Gifts on Fairview on Wednesday, May 1st (7-9pm $47).

If you would like a personal reading or a relationship reading, you can check out the menu of options below. Then email me at andreablythe@letloverise.com to schedule your appointment! Beware: it could change your life in the very best way imagineable!

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Thank you for hearing my story. How does it reflect upon yours?


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