Volume Two,  Lessons from the Road

Angels, Intuition and Infinite Possibilities

“And I ran, I ran so far away. I just ran, I ran all night and day. I couldn’t get away” –Flock of Seagulls

My spirit bird is a Seagull. That’s right, a seagull. And I know what you’re probably thinking; you’re probably thinking that seagulls are ‘the rats of the sky’! They steal your chips. The swarm your beach blanket. They eat your fries (I mean, who can blame them? I love me some French fries!). They also float on the wind like a feather in the sky; they sing as they soar over the waters; they observe the passerbys from their wooden perches on the docks. Some seagulls are even known to search for their own path, like my friend Jonathon Livingston Seagull.

Jonathon has been with me on my travels this summer, along with various pods of whales, bald eagles, seals, otters, ducks, geese, deer, humans, spirit guides and angels. And at the of the day, and with your thoughts about the veracity of the beauty and majesty of the seagull aside, all that matters to me is that when I see a seagull, I know that the Great Spirit and my Archangel Uriel is with me.

So let’s rewind in case you haven’t been following Let Love Rise on social media: for the past three weeks I’ve had the incredible fortune to travel to the San Juan Islands to celebrate the 50th birthday of my lifelong friend who I lovingly call Foxy, then onward to Gig Harbor Washington where I got to reset and dream with another dear friend from her back patio that overlooks the Puget Sound, to leading the Full Blue Super Moon Circle in DesMoines, WA then to my final destination of the wild and majestic shores of Alaska! When I sit here at my desk in Boise Idaho reflecting on the takeaways from the past several weeks, there are two words that come to mind:





Grateful that I have curated a group of friends who love to be playful despite cultural acclamations of being “over the hill” at age 50. I feel like this party is just getting started!

Grateful that I have had a human in my life (besides my parents) who has been by my side through puberty and boy crazes and Madonna phases and high school prom and college and moving away to different cities for work and coming back together again and again and again and always holding space for one another to be courageously, authentically free! Our friendship affirms the best kind of friendship karma that exists and for that I am everyday thankful for you Foxy!

Grateful to have been surrounded by Green Goddess Gaia’s astounding beauty of the Pacific Northwest!

Grateful for friends who open their home to a weary traveler who is deep in the feels of rebuilding a life from ground zero and is discovering that the rise from the ashes isn’t quite as easy as the images make it appear.

Grateful for the music that calls this body into movement, reverie, dance, and yoga; music that allows me to feel and release and let go again and again and again.

Grateful to my past self for purchasing a single cabin with a veranda on Divine Travels Sail With Spirit Seminar at Sea even though I knew I was about to quit my job and face a future where I don’t know how my income was going to replace and (goddess willing) exceed what I had left behind.

Grateful, so grateful, to the Universe for bringing a Sail with Spirit roomate into my life who is a Soul Sister through and through (lifetimes).

Grateful for sychronistic moments like the time I ran into my astrological mentor Molly McCord in the ladies room and she invited me to join her for tea and “second” dinner and we had an incredible opportunity to get to know one another and connect on a human level to chat about astrologically navigating the transformational energies in which we’re all swirling in space.

Grateful for the ravens who lead me to the moss covered spot of earth that overlooked the sea from St. Theresa’s chapel in Juneau, Alaska where the killer whales came to the call of my drum. Grateful to the humpack whale in Orcas Island who taught me how to search for whales and thrilled us all with her most majestic breach port side of our little boat.

Grateful for the Earth Angel, Sydney Thackray, who guided me through the labyrinth in Juneau and had me yelling out YES! YES! YESSSS! to trusting the Universe with my next steps forward on my journey.

Grateful to all the teachers aboard the Sail with Spirit Alaskan cruise who helped me learn how to raise my vibation, how to call on the help of the angels, how to trust my intuition, how to heal from traumas from previous lifes, how to forgive myself, how to dream my wildest dream.

Grateful to the long overdue conservation efforts to preserve, maintain, show and story tell through totems about the Native Alaskan tribal groups the Tlingit, the Haida and the Tsimshian. And grateful to the music of Xavier Rudd who sings of the injustice brought upon indigenous tribes as I walked the Alaskan lands.

Grateful for the dophins who jumped and played in the wake of the ship that morning when I did yoga on the veranda, somewhere between Skagway Alaska and Victoria, British Columbia.

Grateful for my health throughout the duration of my travels and for the loving arms of family and happy paws of my sidekick Jasper upon my return.


Living in alignment is like catching all greenlights on your way to work, or to school or while running errands. It’s being in the flow. It’s events lining up so seemlessly that you couldn’t have coordinated it with any better timing. It’s the Universe affirming your choices with a resounding YESSSSS. Alignment FEELS GOOD. And that’s what my travels this summer have been like; the feel good vibes have me asking “what’s next?” I may not know how the details are going to work themselves out, but as I return from my travels this summer, I am ready to begin again, anchored in these truths:

I know now, from the center of my being, that we are surrounded by angels and that miracles, atunement and alignment happens when we learn to ask them for help and guidance along our path.

I know now that my intuition is my inner compass and that over the years I have been taught to disconnect from it and it’s time to re-learn to trust the thoughts and feelings that grow in the core of my earthly body. To trust the feelings, to trust the thoughts, to trust the timing.

I know that the Universe is FOR us all. It wants to shower us with love and create life circumstances that will grow us to expand for our best and highest good. All those situations that have been painful detours have also been powerful teachers and have caused me to learn lessons in a most impactful way.

I know that when I think about what’s next for me on the road of life that I don’t have to have it all figured out. I simply need to notice the greenlights (the yellow and red ones too), the good vibes, the sweet moments and give thanks and allow the Universe to unfold its Infinite Possibilites before me.

I know that you don’t have to run away from your life to feel aligned. Instead, you can take a running leap towards where the next adventure is calling and trust that when you leap, the net will appear.

My invitation to you

If you feel like you’re stuck at a redlight or that you could benefit from stepping more fully into alignment with your soul’s joy, I invite you to join me for the upcoming Rewrite Your Story Mindset Program: a 7-week course designed to help you free yourself from limiting beliefs so that you can co-create the life of your dreams! The program will begin on January 11, 2024. You can join the waitlist here!

Closing thoughts on Angels, Intuition and Infinite Possibilities

As we transition from Summer into Fall this week, we welcome in a shift in perspective. We say goodbye to the warmer weather and the fullness of the afternoon sun and turn to embrace sweater weather and equilibrium in light and dark. The transition asks us to think about what’s out of balance in our lives? What pivots do we want to take as we enter into the last quarter of 2023? How can we live with more gratitude and alignment?

When I reflect back on the incredilbe last three weeks of travel around the Pacific Northewest (as well as all my summer travels that have brought me from the coast of California to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea) I am grateful for all the alignment. I am grateful for the greenlights; some of which I caught while on the road and many of which I catch right here in my hometown. I know that I am on the right path for living a meaningful, joyful life and at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want? How can I be of service to you? Leave a comment below about the last greenlight you caught. Where was it? Who did you catch it with? What did it feel like? Would you like to catch some more?

Everyday is a new beginning with a magical 24-hour stretch of time that asks you “how do you want to live out this day?” When we turn to our angels for help and trust what our intuition is telling us, there are infinite possibilites that surround us. Life is a beautiful journey that is meant to be enjoyed, not simply endured. Yes, sometimes it can be brutal, but those are the moments that are intended to expand us. Let them flow through you, not stop you from living. Then look up at the big beautiful sky and maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of a seagull flying through the air and know that Great Spirit is with you and is for you.


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