Soul Care Sunday

A New Vision

The last time I had a vision board party was February of 2020. I called it, of course, 2020 Vision. The year was young and the threat of the Coronavirus didn’t seem real, although the looming end of my marriage felt very tangible. As I cut and glued images of love all over my board, I thought that I would be able to win back my then husband’s love for me and ultimately save our marriage. As we all know, the Coronavirus came, life shut down and my marriage ended. It would be easy to think that my 2020 Vision board was misleading, but what I realized in hindsight was that smack in the middle of my board were the words “LOVE SELF”. Other quotes read “practice self compassion; lessons in a life well lived; heart wide open; your body deserves your unconditional love; inner happiness; find your inner goddess; connect with our world and yourself” and my favorite “rise above“. I did indeed cast a powerful vision. It’s just that the vision I cast was for the love that the Universe knew I needed, which, it turns out, was for myself, not for my marriage.

Casting a New Vision

It’s been almost two years since that vision board party and this Soul Care Sunday I’m hosting a new one in my new home, under the guidance of the new moon. It’s a practice that I’ve been doing for at least the last decade because I find it so incredibly powerful. What I mean is, it’s more than a collage; it’s a visual collection of your dreams. When you create your board, you want to make sure that you’re fully present in the moment with good vibes around you (check out my music page soon for my Good Vibes playlist! For now, I Got You by Michael Franti is the “good vibe” song that best captures my vision for 2022). As you start the creation process, rip out any pictures that speak to you; don’t ask why. Then, when you’re ready to assemble the images on your board, perhaps you want to ask the Universe for your vision to manifest itself in the service of the highest good for all, as did mine from 2020.

You certainly don’t need to attend a party to make your vision board, but as you know from my post Uninvited, I love a good excuse to gather my favorite people and perhaps you’ll want to do the same. If this idea speaks to you, why not put a date on the calendar to get together for an afternoon or evening with friends to create your vision and to learn about what your friends are dreaming up for their lives? Here’s all you need:

  • a few favorite magazines, catalogs, old calendars, pretty cards etc.
  • a pair of scissors
  • a glue stick or your favorite adhesive
  • a poster board
  • an idea or dream of what you want to manifest into your life
  • an hour or two to intentionally set aside for its creation

A few tips about these supplies:

Most libraries have a free magazine shelf where people donate their old magazines. You can also check out thrift stores as they sometimes carry previously read magazines. If you’re lucky enough to live near a crafty up-cycled store such as Scrap in Portland, they will certainly have old picture calendars and a wide variety of magazines at a bargain of a price! Of course, you can always purchase one or two of your favorites to read ahead of time, then cut away at with wild abandon. If you have a magazine subscription, cut out pages that speak to you as you read them and tuck them away in a file folder, shoebox or drawer. Or when you receive a card in the mail that you really love for it’s imagery or its words, add it to your magazine clippings pile. Also, if you are a wall calendar person like me, hold on to your old calendar because it probably has images or quotes that speak to you. All these make great additions to your vision board for little to no expense. For inexpensive poster boards, the dollar store carries them 2/$1. That’s an awesome deal!

A few pictures from this afternoon’s gathering:

On January 31st and February 1st the new moon of Aquarius will be in the night sky. It’s the perfect time to let the Universe know what your heart desires, whether with a vision board or just your thoughts. If you’re not ready to create one just yet, it could be the perfect time to start gathering images and getting clear about what it is that you want to bring into you life. After two years of life inside of a pandemic, it’s time to cast a new vision, don’t you think?

Permission granted to dream bigger!

Here’s Michael Franti’s “I Got You”. Namaste.

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