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“The reward for attention is always healing.” –Julia Cameron

Please, grab a cup of tea and perhaps a blanket before you settle in to my story about paying attentions to signs from the Universe. Happy Soul Care Sunday!

The number two has always been my lucky number. I’m the second born into my family under the second sign of the Zodiac on the 2nd day of the month. And it’s 2022. So when this year began, I felt it was a strong premonition for good things to come. When I arrived in my hotel room with Jasper along the Columbian River a few weeks ago, we were placed in room 222. On 2-2-22 I received a challenging personal email that I needed to address. After much prayer and reflection, I responded to the email as best I could. A week later, at 2:22am, I received an email response to that burdensome email. Although the situation has yet to be resolved, I was curious to know: what is the spiritual meaning of the number 2?

Here’s what I learned: “Your life purpose is associated with the number 222 or 2222. If these numbers keep popping up for you it may be time to look at what your life’s purpose is. There may be new opportunities around you now. Dedicate some time to thinking about what you have been working on or trying to manifest, or what you intuitively feel you should be doing. 222 is a sign that if you keep manifesting positively your hopes and dreams will come true for you at the right time and this will also open up a positive new cycle in your life.” –Jade-Sky “Spirit Signs, Understanding Signs in your Everyday Life”

Paying attention

You might be thinking, wow, that’s a lot of coincidence! Or maybe you’re thinking, how did she see all of these connections with the number two? Could it be a fluke? Maybe. Could it be the Universe talking to me? Equally plausible. In the end, I prefer to believe the latter. I choose at the onset of everyday to intentionally move through my day with an awareness of the present moment and the signs that are all around us, if we only choose to pay attention.

You may recall from last week’s post, Listen (The Octopus and the Mermaid), that over the time period that I referenced in the opening paragraph, I felt deeply called to LISTEN. I found that through listening, I became more perceptive of what was happening around me. And it’s through that perception that I noticed all the number 2s. I also noticed feathers: white feathers, in particular, which symbolize the presence of angels. And eagles, which signify the connection between the two worlds.

and then there’s the music and dogs

Have you ever been introduced to a song or an artist and thought “meh”…cool vibe, but maybe not mine. And then, through a series of events over time you’re re-introduced to that artist, and you’re like “holy crap! They’re singing my song. Not just my song, but they’re singing about my LIFE!” That’s how I feel about the Chicks (the group formerly known as the Dixie Chicks) and their most recent album Gaslighter.

On Thursday my friend asked me if I wanted to go with her to see the Chicks at the end of summer. Without a beat, I answered yes. I remembered their new album which had been shared with me upon its release last summer and remembered that I liked the vibe, and this is my most awesome friend who’s also a family-travel-on-a-budget-blogger for 3 Tickets Please, so why not? Well then this happened:

I was at the local dog park last night with Jasper. It was a typical Friday night and the usual crowd was there: Charlie and Mabel, Juni, Izzy, Edgar, Huck, Ozzie…and then this gorgeously tall & lean 4-legged Ridegeback pup named Mira came prancing in, and Jasper fell in love. Seriously, hard core, head-over-heals in love. She was the same coloring as Japser with legs that went on for days. She had a playful energy that matched his and a gentleness that told me that this dog had a spirit to match the size of her body. Now, if you’ve ever owned a 7-month-not-yet-neutered-17-pound-puppy, you might not know that a Mira-sized leg is the perfect pedestal for said puppy to show their affection. Over. and over. again. I’m just saying, she didn’t stop him.

Jasper and Mira played and ran literal circles around the group of dog-owners with whom I’m becoming familiar. They were as shocked as I was by Jasper’s newly affectionate behavior. When Mira showed up, a whole new Jasper showed up too. Despite my embarrassment at his PDA (public display of affection) it was sweet, and playful and fun as the crowd laughed over the lack of decorum and the sun went down over the park.

So what do the Chicks and Jasper’s love story have in common with each other and the number 2? Glad to see if you were paying attention. And that’s the answer. Just before arriving at the dog park, I was listening to Chapter 2 of the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and was struck by the opening quote from this post “The reward for attention is always healing“. That sentence struck me and I rewound 30 seconds to verify if I had read it correctly. Yup, I heard it right “The reward for attention is always healing.” Healing.

I’ve been healing while paying attention to the signs all around me over the past few years. and specifically ever since I gained my Angel Named Calvin, I have really started to pay attention. It took me so many hard lessons in loss before I began to pay attention and also simply ask the Universe (the Great Spirit in the Sky, God, Energy, Buddah, Shiva, Dogs, whatever works for you) to speak to me. And ultimately, by getting in tune with the present moment and really paying attention to things around me such as animals, music, numbers, and chance encounters, and so on, I’ve been able to heal.

Coming Full {Moon} Circle

I’ve heard it said that domestic pets are spiritual teachers and healers for their humans, if they’re paying attention. They are naturally instinctive and have the ability to see and sense spirits (Jade-Sky)

As I was returning home from Jasper’s amorous adventure at the dog park, I remembered that my friend Faith and I had just purchased tickets to the Chicks summer tour, so I put on the album that was introduced to me almost 9 months earlier: Gaslighter. With the song For Her in my ears, I wept as I noticed the most beautiful sunset through the trees just past the canal. But these weren’t sad tears. For the first time in a very long time, these were joyful tears. Gratitude for the journey I’ve endured. Excitement for what’s to come next.

Could it be that my broken heart is mending and that it’s stronger and happier than it was before the great descent into the belly of grief in 2020-2021? Could it be that Jasper is teaching me how to play again and how to love again? I believe I’m ready.

As the Chicks sang their soulful story straight into my center of being, I spent the remainder of the evening in my home dancing with Jasper, doing yoga, and putting shape to what’s next for me. After years of paying attention, I know the signs are pointing me in a direction where I can give back to women, to share the hard earned wisdom that I gained through grieving my divorce, to encourage women in my local community, to empower women around the world who have no voice, and to create change for good. You know, give or take. I tend to have lofty goals.

As I work my way through the Artist’s Way there are going to be many exciting announcements and offerings through Let Love Rise, but for now I’ll leave you with this thought to ponder. When you think about the spirit inside of you, the core of your being, your soul, is she trying to speak to you? Have you asked her lately to show you a sign? This week, I invite you to explore your inner light. If you were to name the spirit energy within you, what would you call her? Would she be a goddess? A diva? an animal? A mythical creature? How would she dress? What color is her hair? Is it long? Is it short? straight? wavy? red? silver? purple? If she had a anthem, what song would it be? This is an invitation to simply PLAY with your soul this week.

I’m still working on all the details of my inner goddess (yes, I do believe my soul’s spirit is best represented through a powerful and compassionate woman with divine feminine power), and she is always evolving, because like a river, we are constantly advancing. We are the same at the core, but somehow different. In this moment right now, I have a working playlist for my yet-to-be-named inner goddess and it should be of no surprise that my most recent addition is from the Chicks: my best friends wedding

My Best Friend’s Wedding:

I’m back here at my best friend’s wedding
Yeah, she married again
I’ve never seen her look more happy
Guess from ashes, we can really grow
And my wildfire’s comin’
Burnin’ the path that I’ve known
Watch me, yeah, watch me run with it
Take it wherever it goes
And I’ll go it alone, go it alone – Maguire Martie / Antonoff Jack Michael

Don’t hold me back. I am outrunning that wildfire and building something beautiful out of the ashes. I’ve spent so much time doing inner work and I will continue to do so as I encounter new obstacles and detours on my path. But for today, I’m happy to report that it is well with my soul and my spirit to be living a fiercely independent life with my trusty love-struck companion, Jasper. The Universe is always talking to us. What’s it saying to you lately?



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