About Andrea

Hello Friend! I’m Andrea Blythe and I’m glad you’re here! I’m passionate about storytelling through the moon, music, mindset, and the Magi.  

In 2021 I created Let Love Rise, as a way to process my grief through publically sharing my story.

Just a few years ago, I was living a life that I hardly recognize anymore. I was a busy mom of three active kids, two dogs, a husband and I managed our large home and fast-paced lifestyle in the midst of a hustle and bustle urban metropolis. 

In 2019 everything changed. This profound transformation took me to the darkest depths of my soul where I had to discover who I was and what mattered most to me. Along my journey, I met spiritual teachers and guides who helped me transform my pain into the joyful, beautiful life that I live today. And I want to pay that gift forward by sharing my story and the wisdom that I’ve gained along my journey.

I look forward to helping you release stories that no longer serve you so that you can step into your most courageously authentic life!